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Felita Ong


PhD (to be) Completed: 2022~2026

Thesis: "Modeling On-Demand Mobility Demand Generation and Services"

Previous University: University of Toronto, Canada

Kaili Wang


PhD (to be) Completed: 2021~2025

Thesis: "Next-Generation Travel Demand Forecasting Model"

Previous University: University of Toronto, Canada

Yicong (Nora) Liu


PhD (to be) Completed: 2021~2025

Thesis: "Next Generation Integrated Land Use and Transportation Model"

Previous University: University of Waterloo and University of Toronto

Sk Mashrur


PhD Completed in Aug 2023: 2019~2023

Thesis: "In-Depth Analyses of Transit Demand Resilience: Guiding Frameworks for Policy Developments toward Sustainable Future Urban Transit"

Assistant Professor (on-leave), Civil Engg, BUET

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Toronto & McMaster University

Patrick Loa


PhD Completed in Dec 2023: 2019~2023

Thesis: "Investigating Under-researched Aspects of On-Demand Mobility"

Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Davis


Previous University: University of Toronto, Canada

Saeed Shakib


PhD Completed in July 2023: 2019~2023

Thesis: "Capturing Residential Preference Changes through Perception Detections of Rationally Inattentive Decision Makers"

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Toronto

Alireza Dianat


PhD (to be) Completed: 2019~2023

Thesis: "Modelling Time-Use and Activity Engagement Tradeoffs"

Previous University: Sharif University, Iran

Md Faizus Salehin


PhD (to be) Completed: 2017~2022

Thesis: "Modelling Travel Demand Model Considering Automated Vehicle System"

Assistant Professor (on-leave), Civil Engg, BUET

Sanjana Hossain


PhD Completed in Fall 2022: 2017~2022

Thesis: "Data Fusion Methods to Support Travel Demand Modelling in Emerging Contexts"

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Civil Engg, NorthWestern University, IL, CH

Zohreh Rashedi


PhD Completed in Fall 2021: 2014~2021

Thesis: "Mode Choice Modelling Considering Uncertainty in Input Data"

Data Scientist, Toronto

Jason Hawkins


PhD Completed in Spring 2021;  University of Toronto

Thesis: "Modelling Spatial Location Choice and Transition for a Changing Urban Landscape"

Professor of Civil Engineering, University of Nebraska Lincoln

Sami Hasnine

Md Sami Hasnine_MASc_Graduated in March2015.jpg

PhD Completed in Winter 2019; University of Toronto

Thesis: "Tour-Based Mode Choice Model for CUSTOM Framework"

Professor of Civil Engineering, Virginia Tech

Saidal Akbari


PhD Completed in Spring 2018; University of Toronto

Thesis: "Land-use and Transportation Interactions through the Lenses of Two-Worker Households, Rising Commuting Costs and Transit-Oriented Development"

Senior Associate, STANTEC Toronto

Adam Weiss


PhD Completed in Fall 2017; University of Toronto

Thesis: "Role of Intra-Household Interactions in Activity-Daily Travel Demand"

Professor of Civil Engineering, Carleton University

Leila Dianat


PhD Completed in Fall 2017; University of Toronto

Thesis: "Modelling Weeklong Scheduling of Non-Work Activities: An Application of CUSTOM"

Senior  Engineer/Manager, Metrolinx

Sarah Salem

Sarah Salem_PhD_Starting in Fall 2011.jpg

PhD Completed in Summer 2016; University of Toronto

Thesis: "Enhancing Temporal Transferability of Activity-Based Models by using Repeated Crossectional Travel Survey Data"

Professor, Civil Engineering, Cairo University

Mohammed Salah Mahmoud

Mohamed Mahmoud_PhD_Graduated in Aug 2015.png

PhD Completed in Spring 2015; University of Toronto

Thesis: "Demand Modelling of Cross-Regional Intermodal Commuting Trips in Multi-modal Networks"

Senior Data Scientist at  Uber, Toronto

Ahmed Osman Idris

Ahmed_Idris40828_PhD_Graduated in Aug 2013.jpg

PhD Completed in Spring 2013; At the University of Toronto

Thesis: "Modal Shift Forecasting Planning for Transit Service Planning"

Professor, Arab Academy for Science, Tech & Maritime Transport (AASTMT), Alexandria, Egypt

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